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How Proper Roofing and Siding Affects Heat

Your roofing and siding can make a surprising impact on the temperature of your home. Of course, proper insulation and well-installed windows and doors do play an important part. However, roofing and siding are perhaps two of the biggest components that play into your energy bill.

Many factors influence your home’s temperature, and your siding and roofing are a huge part of that. Here’s how proper roofing and siding affects your heating bill.

Proper Roofing and Siding

The Importance of Proper Roofing Technique

First of all, there are aesthetic aspects of your roof that matter when it comes to retaining heat during the winter. The most influential of these is the color of your roof. Darker colors will always retain heat more efficiently by absorbing the light of the sun—even on extremely cold days. This heat transfers into your home, making it that much warmer.

Asphalt roofing is the best material for heat retention. That said, any black material will essentially retain heat better than white. On the other hand, metal roofing reflects the sun’s rays, especially is a lighter color. Metal will actually keep your home a consistent temperature throughout the year.

Heat retention also comes through the technique. Roofing is an art, as well as a construction project. Sufficient insulation and proper ventilation is the key to temperature regulation of your attic. You’ll need a professional Westminster, MD roofing company who knows how to lay insulation in a way which keeps your home warm and comfortable.

Why Does Siding Matter?

Have you ever noticed one room in your home stays warmer than the rest of your home? Is it a room which gets sunlight for most of the day? The reason this happens is probably because your siding isn’t up-to-par. A slight temperature difference is inevitable, but properly installed siding will ensure a drastic temperature change doesn’t happen. A professional Westminster, MD siding company will be able to install your siding without an issue, and they’ll make sure your energy bill will be protected.

Siding material is also a factor you’ll need to consider. Vinyl siding has many advantages, one of which is its ability to take on any color you want. Darker colors will retain heat, so when you’re planning the look of your home, try to choose something both stylish and practical. Aluminum siding will do the same thing as a metal roof—reflect light and help to maintain an even temperature.

However, if you’re looking to keep your home as warm as possible, fiber cement siding is an excellent material to choose. It functions much in the same way that brick or stone does, in that it collects the heat during the day and reflects it during the night.

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