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MarylandSiding Repair

If a large tree branch broke off and messed up your home’s siding, you can trust Platinum Exteriors to repair the damage like it was never there. Our Westminster, MD siding repair contractors are experienced in fixing a variety of siding issues, both cosmetic and structural. We work with vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, aluminum siding and cedar shake.

Reasons to Repair Storm Damage to Your Siding
How Often Should I Have My Siding Replaced?

Common Siding Conditions We Repair

  • Siding that is coming apart
  • Flashing that is coming loose
  • Siding damaged by wind or hail
  • Improperly installed siding
  • Buckled siding
  • Dry rot or termite damage
  • Cracked or chipped boards and shingles

How We Approach Siding Repair

In most cases, siding repair boils down to replacing missing or damaged boards, planks or shingles. They could have been damaged by a storm or simply deteriorated with age. The toughest part in making the repair look seamless is finding the right replacement piece that matches the rest of the siding in color, texture, size and style.

Our experienced Maryland siding repair pros have access to different product lines from the major siding manufacturers. In most cases, we are able to locate an identical replacement piece or a close match, if your home is old and the brand of siding used is no longer manufactured.

Finding the Underlying Problem

Sometimes, simply replacing the damaged portion of the siding is not the best solution. For example, if your wood siding is experiencing dry rot, your replacement siding will soon succumb to the same issues if the underlying problem isn’t fixed. That’s why as your trusted Carroll County siding repair service we take the time to investigate the situation before recommending a solution. We will let you know what your options are and help you decide on the best course of action. If your siding is approaching the end of its lifespan, siding replacement is often more cost-effective than continuous patching.
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Get Help With Your Insurance Claim

If the type of damage to your siding is covered by homeowner’s insurance, we can help you file a claim, conduct the initial inspection and expedite the approval. We have worked with numerous insurance adjusters in the past and have established relationships with many of them in the Westminster, MD area. With Platinum Exteriors, you are not alone in this process and can rely on us to do our part diligently and quickly.

Keeping Your Siding in the Top Shape

Now that you will have your siding repaired and looking like new again, you should take steps to protect your investment. Here are a few basic tips for siding maintenance:

  • Check your siding every fall and spring, as well as after major storms.
  • Don’t delay repairs to prevent problems from becoming worse.
  • Trim the shrubs around the foundation to leave enough room for the siding to dry after rain.
  • Clean the siding as recommended by the manufacturer—usually spraying with a hose for vinyl and fiber cement.
  • Repaint or reseal the siding as recommended by the manufacturer
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