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Winter Roof Care

Among the aspects of your home requiring special attention during winter, your roof is certainly one of them. Winter roof care is an often overlooked but essential part of caring for your home, and a homeowner needs to be well aware of when something is wrong or out of place. Recognizing issues early-on is how to prevent serious damage.

Occasionally, problems will arise that you cannot solve without a Maryland roofing contractor. However, you’ll need to be able to spot when such an action is needed. Here are a few things to watch out for during the winter, and how you can keep your roof in top shape during this icy season.

Winter Roof Care

Pay close attention to ice dams

A buildup of ice can form in gutters or around the roofline. This blocks the easy flow of water, making a growing mass of moisture that continues to freeze and cause problems. Eventually, the ice will be heavy enough to cause damage, and may even lead to a leak if the damage is left unchecked for too long. A professional Maryland roofing contractor should be called in this situation; never walk onto an icy roof!

Insulate your attic properly

When your roof becomes too warm, water melts quickly and then refreezes the moment it escapes, causing icicles on your gutters. Small icicles are virtually unavoidable, but larger ones can cause actual physical damage to the surrounding area, or even family members. If your attic is properly insulated and retaining enough heat, you won’t have any issues with icicles. This will also mean that you’re saving on your energy bill! A double win!

Keep flat roof structures clear

If possible, ensure that flat roof structures are as clear as possible during the winter. Any buildup of snow can create massive weight problems, leading to disastrous consequences. If you find yourself struggling to remove all of the snow, you should always call a professional Maryland roofing contractor. Your safety is far more important than the ability to DIY this project.

Look out for leaks

When ice and snow is melting during a particularly warm day, keep a close eye out for leaks. It’s possible that, somehow, your roof could have sustained a leak during the nasty weather. If this is the case, you’re going to need to contact a professional immediately. Leaks during the winter can be devastating, and should be addressed with vigor, rather than an empty bucket. When left alone, leaks can lead to complete roof deterioration and can even cause partial roof collapse. Watching for leaks is another important part of keeping your home safe and intact.

Still have questions about winter roof maintenance? Call Platinum Exteriors and we’ll get you squared away! We’ve got the expertise and knowledge to get the job done quickly and efficiently. If you’re already experiencing issues with your roof during these colder months, contact us today, and we’ll get started on a solution. Don’t wait!