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Fall Roof Damage

Fall is officially here! Is your roof prepared for the oncoming onslaught of harsh weather? Don’t panic. Diagnosing issues early and solving them promptly is the best preventative measure. Fall brings its own manner of surprises when it comes to roof damage, so let’s go over a few of the most common issues. By the end of this blog post, you’ll have enough information to start creating a plan to care for your roof, be it through repair or replacement!

Fall Roof Damage


Water damage is an incredibly common issue during the fall, when the rain is relentless. Puddles can form on your roof where there are slight indentations, and missing shingles will allow for water to flow into your roof. Water can warp your walls, rot the wood in your attic, and it can drip down into your home. During such a moisture-prone season, it’s important to have each and every leak looked at by a professional. The moment you notice something is wrong, fix it immediately, so you won’t have to worry about a full roof replacement later on.

Missing Shingles

During hurricane season, shingles and siding were blown off of many homes in the collateral damage. In many cases, they weren’t replaced–missing shingles, or even shingles that have been wedged upwards by moss, will allow water and moisture to seep inside the roof. Don’t ignore any missing shingles, and don’t try to repair them via a tarp draped across your wounded roof! If there is a significant number of shingles missing from your roof, consider a Westminster, MD roof replacement, so your roof will be as good as new and ready to take on new challenges.

Overhanging Trees

Falling leaves will amass into piles on top of your roof, leading to an excess of moisture rotting away at the wood and shingles. However, trees can also pose another future problem. Snow accumulation on branches can fall and have a great impact on your roof. If you’ve noticed some damage taken during the fall due to piles of debris, don’t ignore it. Remember that heavy snow and ice is going to take its place during the winter, and oftentimes, this weighs much more! Prepare yourself for the worst by having repairs done immediately.

Bonus Tip!

Your door probably isn’t insulated nearly as much as it could be! Before the weather gets cold, invest in extra insulation, and save yourself a lot of money on your heating bill.

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