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MarylandSiding Repair and Replacement

Platinum Exteriors is a Westminster, MD siding company specializes in repair and replacement of siding on a variety of residential structures from homes and garages to sheds and barns. We provide end-to-end siding solutions from the initial inspection and written estimates to helping you choose materials and file the insurance claim. As Carroll County siding contractors, we service Westminster, Eldersburg, Frederick and many other locations in Maryland.

maryland siding repair and replacement

Siding Materials We Work With

Whether you own a historic home built in the last century or a piece of modern architecture, we can find the perfect siding materials that will match your home’s character in shape, color, style and composition. Our Maryland siding contractors are experienced in repair and replacement of the following siding materials:

  • Vinyl siding
  • Fiber cement siding
  • Aluminum siding
  • Cedar shake

Siding Repair

We repair all types of siding damage, including wind damage, moisture damage and dry rot, missing or damaged boards and shingles, etc. Depending on the size of the affected area, we can either perform spot repair or partial replacement, such as removing old siding and installing new one on one side of your home. But before we get started, we conduct a thorough inspection and let you know your options. If there is a major underlying issue, such as a leak that will render a repair useless, replacement may be the way to go.
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How Often Should I Have My Siding Replaced?

Siding Replacement

Does your siding look like it has seen better days? Like most man-made materials, it wasn’t designed to last forever. And old or deteriorating siding is not only unattractive, but also inefficient in terms of protecting your home from the elements. Platinum Exteriors can perform professional siding replacement at an affordable price and in a short time frame. Siding replacement is also a great opportunity for many homeowners to re-imagine their home and improve its curb appeal. We can help you combine a variety of siding products to create a unique, yet cohesive look for your residence.

Alternatives to Vinyl Siding

A big portion of homes we conduct siding repairs or replacement on have vinyl siding. And there is nothing wrong with vinyl, but you can get similar features with a more authentic look from other siding materials. For example, fiber cement is extremely fire-resistant and can imitate wood boards or shingles with high precision. Metal siding, on the other hand, is virtually indestructible. If you are looking for a compromise between the looks, the quality and the cost, talk to our siding experts. We know that shopping for home improvement materials can be confusing, especially if it’s your first time, so we are happy to offer all the help you need.

What to do if there is a hole in your siding
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Choosing the Right Siding

Besides the materials, you will have to make many other choices when it comes to the design of your home’s exterior, such as:

  • Should you use shingles, boards or planks?
  • Will vertical or horizontal siding look best?
  • Which color should you go with?
  • Should you combine several different styles of siding or go with the same one throughout?
  • Shingles: square edge or half rounded?

This is just a small portion of the decisions you will have to make when replacing your siding. And keep in mind that the siding you choose at the end will ultimately affect both your home’s comfort and marketability to future home buyers. It’s worth getting a professional advice before you place your order, whether you choose to consult your real estate agent, your HOA or an experienced Maryland siding contractor like Platinum Exteriors.

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