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Roofing Materials that Last

Installing a new roof is a significant investment. Because it’s a significant investment, you want to make sure that you’re choosing roofing materials that last. Regardless of the roofing material you choose, there are still many other factors that contribute to how long your roof will last. But if you use these roofing materials, you can expect your roof to last a long time. 

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#1: Slate

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the number one rated roofing material that is expected to last the longest amount of time is slate. If you install a slate roof, you can expect your roof to last up to 150 years. Slate is a form of stone, so it’s not subject to deterioration, corrosion, insects, fire, water damage, or sun damage. It is unbeatable in terms of durability and overall appearance.

#2: Clay/Concrete

A close second to slate roofing is clay/concrete. In the right setting, clay roofing can last a minimum of 50 years. As concrete tie technology changes and improves, concrete roofs can last even longer — sometimes up to 100 years. The best thing about clay/concrete roofing is that although most of them come with a 50-year warranty, not many of them are being paid due to poor quality or lack of durability. 

#3: Metal 

Metal roofs can last anywhere from 40 to 80 years. Today’s metal roofs are even more durable than metal roofs built a hundred years ago. It’s not uncommon for a metal roof to be 80 years old and still look good since they are equipped with higher-quality finishes. Metal roofs are one of the quietest, most elegant, and most affordable types of roofs on the market.

#4: Wood Shakes or Shingles

With proper maintenance and craftsmanship, roofs constructed out of wood shakes or shingles can last up to 50 years. Not only is this material long-lasting, but it’s also an environmentally friendly roofing material. Roofs constructed out of wooden shakes or shingles give the home a more rustic feel and protect the house from a variety of weather conditions. 

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