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4 Reasons to Repair Storm Damage to Your Siding

Anytime a storm comes through, it has the potential to cause significant damage. Strong winds, flying debris, and wind-driven hail can cause the most damage to your home’s exterior. Even if you don’t think that a storm has affected your home’s siding, you should still walk the property and ensure there is no damage. Here are the top five reasons why you should examine, and if necessary, repair your siding after a storm. 

Reasons to Repair Storm Damage to Your Siding

1. Repair Small Problems Before They Turn into Big Problems

Even minor damage can lead to big problems if left unchecked. Small cracks, chips, and missing pieces can cause problems later on. This is because a break in the siding creates a perfect place for moisture to enter your home, which will lead to wood damage, mold, or even frozen pipes. 

2. Keep Unwanted Critters Out of Your Home

Small openings in your siding can be an entry point for rodents and critters. Birds, squirrels, and mice are known to enter homes through small openings. After a storm, they’re looking for food shelter. You can prevent wildlife from entering your home by having your siding inspected after a storm and patching any small holes. 

3. Repair Insulation

A gap in your siding can affect your home’s insulation. This is because the gap allows cold air to enter your home and hot air to escape. In the long run, it can end up costing you more money every month on your energy bills. Save money and protect your home’s insulation by repairing siding damage shortly after a storm.

4. File an Insurance Claim

One of the biggest reasons to repair your siding after a storm is because your homeowners insurance may pay for it. If the damage to your siding is significant, you can file a claim with your insurance provider, and they’ll cover the costs of a full repair. They’ll send an insurance adjuster to evaluate the damage, and they’ll proceed with the appropriate course of action. The sooner you contact your insurance provider, the sooner you can have your siding repaired.  

Have Platinum Exterior Repair Your Siding

After a storm damages your siding, Platinum Exteriors is the siding company in Frederick County that you can trust to repair it correctly. We use quality materials for all our siding repairs and have over 15 years of experience. Contact us now to request a free estimate.