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Spring Roof Inspection Checklist

As our winter hibernation ends, it’s time to evaluate our properties and find ways to improve them. The winter can be particularly harsh on our roofs, so it’s essential that you take all the necessary steps to ensure a safe and functioning roof. As you inspect the roof this spring, be sure to complete the following tasks:

Spring roof maintenance tips


Your shingles are very important, serving as the outer layer of your roofing system — they endure a lot throughout the year. Check to make sure your shingles aren’t cracked, missing, or otherwise damaged. If so, have a roofing company repair them as soon as possible. Do not put off these essential repairs because doing so can lead to more extensive and expensive issues later on. 


Making sure your gutters are clean is an important spring maintenance task. Clogged gutters can become a big problem for your roof as leaves, twigs, and other debris get stuck inside your gutters and prevent rainwater from passing through. Eventually, these leaks can damage the edges of your roof or pour into your exterior walls. This spring, take the time to remove debris from your gutters with protective gloves, a bucket, and a hose. 


Check your flashing for any signs of damage. Over the winter, ice will freeze and expand, separating the flashing from the roof. Damaged flashing means your roof is not properly sealed, and that can lead to attic leaks or flooding. This spring, make sure all the flashing is intact.


Did you know that your roof has vents? These vents allow air to flow through your home or expel exhaust from certain parts of the house. You can find your roof vents under the eaves or in the rafters. If you are unsure where to find your vents, let professional roof builders evaluate the roof for you. 


Make sure your chimney is prepared for Santa by inspecting it during the spring. Ensure the masonry is intact and there isn’t a build-up of white stains. A buildup of white stains indicates that the chimney is absorbing water, which is not good. The best part of inspecting your chimney in the spring is having time to repair it before cold weather arrives. 

Professional Roof Inspections

Knowing what to look while inspecting your roof can be difficult. That’s why homeowners have trusted Platinum Exteriors to inspect their roofs for many years. After a comprehensive roof inspection, you can rest assured that the roof is doing its job. Contact us, your local roofing company in Frederick County, today to schedule an inspection.