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Winter Can Be Dangerous for Your Roof

Winter is right around the corner here in Maryland, with temperatures dropping lower and lower each day. Along with lower temperatures comes the threat of snow, and while snow is nice to look at, it can cause major problems for your home and roof. Let’s look at the impact snow can have on your roof and what you can do to prevent any major issues.

A row of icicles on a roof

Ice Dams

An ice dam occurs on your roof when the heated air from inside your home warms the snow that has settled on your roof. The snow melts and drips down to the edges of your roof and into gutters. This water then has the potential to refreeze, either during an exceptionally cold snap or overnight. This accumulation of ice can prevent snow from melting or sliding off the roof. If the snow can’t fall off of the roof it has nowhere to go when it melts except into your home.

Ice dams can lead to leaks in your shingles and can also damage gutters if left unattended. Sometimes ice dams can’t be prevented completely, but insulating your attic can help tremendously because it will keep that warm air inside the home instead of escaping through the roof. In addition to precautionary steps you can work with a roofing company to remove ice and snow buildup from your roof throughout the winter.


Leaking is another major problem for roofs during the winter months when snow is abundant. As mentioned above ice dams can cause new leaks in a roof, or worsen an existing leak. Even if your roof has had a minor leak you are unaware of it can become exponentially worse when winter snow comes. Because snow sits on the roof and accumulates, rather than flowing off, it can make small leaks much bigger.

To prevent this type of damage to your roof and home this winter, make sure to have your roof inspected before the seasons change. That way you can have any potential problem areas fixed and minimize the risk of a problem during the winter.

Structural Damage

In addition to leaks and ice dams, snow accumulation can cause structural damage to your roof if it isn’t in good shape. Snow is heavy, especially when it comes down fast and wet. When snow accumulates on the roof the sheer weight of it can be enough to cause the roof to collapse if there is preexisting damage. Weak areas and major leaks can magnify the problems your roof already has.

If you are concerned about the toll winter may have on your roof give us at Platinum Exteriors a call today. We can help you with your roof maintenance in Carroll County so you can rest easy this winter. Whether you need a roof inspection, repair, snow and ice removal, or a new roof, call us today!