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Why Fall is The best Time To Replace your Siding

Maryland Fall Siding

It is officially Fall in Maryland, the leaves are turning, the nights are earlier and cooler. While you may be focused on changing out your summer to winter wardrobe, or bringing out your Fall decorations, consider Fall the perfect time to replace your homes siding. Here’s why:

It isn’t as hot

The temperature outside might not seem like a huge factor when discussing home improvement, but summer heat can affect siding installation. In the heat of the summer vinyl siding expands. If siding is installed in the hot weather and nailed too tight, it can cause buckling and cracking when the weather cools and the siding expands. Fall is the ideal time for siding because temperatures are mid-range in Maryland and are not too hot or cold.


Most homeowners request siding quotes in the spring and summer, when contractors are the busiest. This supply and demand schedule causes the cost of most jobs to increase. Generally speaking, in the Fall contractors are slower and can result in a better price for your completed siding project. Materials often go on sale in the Fall as well making this a win-win for both contractors and homeowners.


Old siding is prone to gaps and poor siding coverage can increase the utility bills in the winter. When you replace your siding in the Fall, all gaps can be caulked and addressed before the new siding is installed. This is the perfect opportunity to make your home winter ready and as warm as possible, which is much needed during the harsh Maryland winter.

Platinum Exteriors is a Westminster, MD siding company that specializes in repair and replacement of siding for homes, shed, and barns. If your Carroll County, Maryland property needs new siding this Fall, contact Platinum Exteriors to request a free estimate and get your home winter ready.