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Which Windows Are Best for The Summer Heat?

It’s finally summertime and although the weather is enjoyable, we’ll frequently take comfort in being able to say cool inside our homes when outdoor temperatures get too high to bear. Keeping your home cool is a job most fitting for your A/C system, but did you know your windows have an effect on the temperature inside your home as well?

Check out the different types of windows made for your home to learn how they can help you beat the heat while indoors this summer:

Which Windows Are Best for The Summer Heat?


It’s important to first consider how different types of windows operate, as this can have a direct effect on how much air is able to leak out of or seep into your home.

  • Single and Double-Hung: In a single-hung window, the bottom sash slides upward. In a double-hung window, both sashes slide upward. These types of windows tend to have higher air leakage rates than others.
  • Casement: These windows are hinged at the sides. The sash is closed by pressing against the frame, allowing for lower air leakage rates.
  • Awning: This type of window is hinged at the top and opens outward. Like casement windows, they have low air leakage rates.
  • Fixed: Fixed window panes do not open. When installed properly, they are completely airtight.

Glass or Glazing

The type of glass or glazing used for your windows can also help determine how susceptible your home is to air leakage. This technology helps improve your windows’ energy performance:

…by altering the glazing material itself to change its chemical composition and physical characteristics (i.e. window tinting)

…by coating the window’s surface with a reflective film designed to reduce glare and heat gain (i.e. low emittance coatings)

…when assembled into various layers to control the properties of the space between layers of your windows.

Window Frames

The types of frames used for your windows can also help cool air stay inside your home and keep hot air out during the summer months. Composite frames have the thermal and structural properties of wood and are very stable. Fiberglass frames have air cavities that can be filled with insulation, making them an efficient choice. PVC frames also have cavities that can be insulated, like fiberglass, and are made with UV stabilizers that keep sunlight from breaking down the material.

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