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Is it Possible to Repair Siding on my House?

If your siding has been damaged due to bad weather or old age, there are repairs that can be made to restore the original quality of your home’s exterior. However, these repairs aren’t guaranteed to be long-lasting unless they are performed by a professional siding repair service.

Is it Possible to Repair Siding on my House?

So what’s the cost? Siding repair prices are commonly influenced by the following factors:

Factor #1 – The Extent of the Damage

If a siding panel is all that is damaged, your repair costs shouldn’t be too debilitating. However, if the wood underneath the panel is rotten, it will be incapable of properly holding the new siding panel onto your home. The wood will have to be replaced before the siding is repaired, which adds to your repair costs.

Factor #2 – The Type of Siding Material

Older styles of siding, like wood clapboard, are known for being high-maintenance. These types of siding require routine caulking and painting in order to keep them functional and attractive. They are also easily damaged by insects, rot, and warping.

Aluminum siding isn’t high maintenance like wood, but it can be noisy and dent easily. Because it is one of the more attractive types of siding, it’s a bit more expensive than other materials to install and repair. If your aluminum siding is painted, it may be difficult for your siding repair service technician to match the exact color.

Vinyl siding has grown in popularity over the years because of its durability and strength against the elements. It’s termite-repellent and doesn’t decay over time. It is typically easy to replace, making it relatively inexpensive.

Cement fiber is another style of that is low maintenance, durable, and not susceptible to rot or insect damage. It is composed of recyclable materials, so it’s environmentally friendly, too! The downside? It can cost a significant amount more than vinyl to install and repair.

Factor #3 – The Ease of Finding Matching Material

You’re in luck if you safely stored some of the extra siding left over from your original install. Holes can be easily patched with the extra siding. If you do not have material left over, you might have the option to take a panel of siding from an area of your home’s exterior that is less visible and patch the damaged area with it.

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