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When is it Time to Get a New Door?

The front door is a focal point for the front of your home. When it looks a little shabby, this can negatively affect the overall aesthetic of the entire structure.

So, is it time for you to replace your front door? There are several indicators that may show you need a new one. A new front door can also benefit you in ways you may have not expected.

When is it Time to Get a New Door

Do You Need a New Door?

The number one concern when it comes to your front door is security. An old, decrepit front door won’t do much to protect your home. Locks and deadbolts that are decades old won’t be able to stand against any kind of stress. Replacing your door can solve this problem and give you instantly improved home security.

Your door may also be poorly protecting against the outside elements. Doors that leak will allow cold or warm air into your home, depending on the season. This can cause drastic changes in your energy bill. It’s important to make sure your doors and windows are kept tightly sealed.

A new front door can provide curb appeal! There is no question that a shiny, modern door will attract home buyers and guests alike. A professional will be able to help you decide on the best door!

If you live on a busy road, a new door can also help provide insulation from excess noise outside of your home.

What Are Your Options?

Doors these days come in a variety of materials that are sturdy and reliable. While wooden doors have charm, they’re not the best option–they’re vulnerable to warping and are exposed to the elements, which decreases their lifespan. They also require a tedious amount of maintenance.

Instead, consider a door made of steel or fiberglass. Both are strong and resistant to the elements. Not only that but, most of these doors have a layer of thick foam on the inside, which lends towards environmental protection and sound proofing.

Consider, also, if you want your door to have a window. It’s best to consider smaller windows towards the top of the door–anything else could pose a security risk, and isn’t recommended.

A new door is just around the corner!

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