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Modern Window Hardware to Consider For Your Window Replacement

Windows are one of the most overlooked parts of the house. However, small details are what make or break your window’s appearance. The right mix of finish and frame can make your windows demand attention and seamlessly tie into your complete interior aesthetic. Consider incorporating these modern window hardware.

window hardware

Sash Lifts 

Sliding sash windows open with one glass panel gliding along a track and stacking in front of each other. Sliding sash windows do not have a handle. Instead, they have a groove where you place your fingers to open the window vertically. A sash lift is needed to help get a good grip on the window. They can have an open design that allows you to wrap your fingers around a metal bar, or they can have a closed design where your fingers tuck behind a curved handle. 

Window Cranks

If you have an awning or casement window, you can benefit from a window crank. Since both of these types of windows open and close on a hinge, a window crank is a modern ideal solution. Not only do window cranks open and close your windows, but they also act as an extra lock. To fully close your window with a window crank, you have to turn the crank until the sash is closed, then fold the crank into place to secure the window. 

Sash Locks 

Every window that opens has a sash lock or a window latch. A sash lock keeps the window panel in place when it’s closed and they also provide security. They look different depending on the window. For awning, casement, and sliding windows, they look like little levers. On double-hung or single-hung windows, sash locks can look like a spoon-style lock or a cam-styled lock. They are usually styled to match the finish of the opening hardware on the window.

Window Stays

A window stay is a bar that holds a hinged window open in place. With most modern windows, you will only see a window stay when the window is open. When the window is closed, the arm folds into the frame. They usually have a metal finish and match the handles that allow you to pull the sashes back in. For a real modern look, incorporate window stays with a white, black, chrome, or nickel finish. 

Home Window Repair in MD

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