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How Winter Weather Affects Your Home

Your house encounters a lot throughout the years. No season wreaks more havoc on your home than the winter. Winters in the Mid-Atlantic region are harsh and usually filled with snow. Become familiar with some of the ways winter weather affects your house and learn some of the ways you can prevent damage from happening. 

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Frost Heave

Frost heave occurs when temperatures drop below freezing and moisture in the soil beneath a home freezes and expands. The expansion causes lateral pressure to the foundation of the home and causes it to move up off the ground. This movement can cause cracks in the wall, ceilings, and floors. If it’s not taken care of immediately, it can lead to further damage. 

Rotten Door Frames

Your doors keep the harsh winter conditions out of your home. They’re constantly exposed to the elements, and consequently, constantly exposed to moisture. This can lead to your doors becoming soft and developing wood rot. Wood rot can be an invitation to termites in the springtime. Be sure to check the condition of your exterior doors throughout the winter, and have them replaced whenever they show signs of softening. 

Leaks in Basement 

Homeowners often don’t think about the ways winter weather can affect their basement. Although basement flooding can happen at any time of the year, melting ice and snow can seep their way into your basement through holes and cracks. Cleaning up leaks in your basement can be a headache, so the best way to prevent flooding from occurring is to ensure that your sump pump is working correctly and is clear of obstructions before a snowstorm. 

Damage to Siding

The fluctuating temperatures throughout the winter can damage your home’s siding. This is especially true if you have vinyl siding. Vinyl siding will expand and contract significantly when temperatures fluctuate. It then can become brittle and vulnerable to cracking. Once moisture seeps through the cracks, it can lead to bigger structural problems. So, throughout the winter, be sure to keep an eye on your siding and fix any damages immediately. 

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