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Home Exterior Updates to Consider for 2020

Fall and winter are a great time to survey your home and come up with a list of projects to complete in the upcoming year. Winter can be hard on your home’s exterior, so if you notice that some things may need attention in the fall, they will likely need attention even sooner after winter has passed. Not sure what projects need attention? Let’s look at some common exterior updates that your home may be in need of. 

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New Roof

How old is your roof? If you purchased your home as a resale property, you may not really even know. If you have a traditional shingle roof it is good to know that these roofs only last about twenty years. If you can’t remember when your roof was replaced, that may mean it needs to be replaced sooner rather than later. Before winter weather settles in here in Maryland, it is probably a wise idea to have your roof inspected. An inspection can let you know if you have any areas of concern before heading into a long cold winter, and can also give you an idea when you’ll need to plan on replacing your roof. 

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New Siding

Siding, like a roof, needs to be replaced periodically. The length of the life of your siding depends greatly on what material it is made of. Wood siding lasts longer than aluminum but requires more care and maintenance. Vinyl siding, on the other hand, is very popular because it lasts a long time and requires less maintenance and upkeep than wood. If you suspect your siding isn’t holding up or you simply want a new look for your home to consider new siding in the upcoming year. 

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New Windows

Are your windows a source of frustration? Old windows are one of the biggest causes for inefficient heating and cooling in older homes. If you notice this fall and winter that your energy bills are higher than expected, old windows may be to blame. While window replacement can be expensive, oftentimes it is worth it in the cost of heating and cooling over the course of a few years. If you plan to stay in your home long term, windows are a good investment. 

If a new year has you thinking about new home projects like a new roof, new siding, or new windows, call us at Platinum Exteriors today! We offer roof replacement and repair, window replacement, and siding replacement and siding repair in Maryland. To discuss your home and schedule a consultation, call us today!