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Check Your Siding for These 3 Signs of Damage

The siding on your home is what protects you and your loved ones from the outside elements. Good siding can save you headaches and money in the long run, but damaged or bad siding can cost you in more ways than one. If you fear the siding on your home may be in need of replacement, it is wise to take the time to inspect it more carefully. Likewise, if you are experiencing some uncommon or unexplained problems on your home’s interior, bad siding may be to blame. Let’s look at the three most common, and serious, signs of damage to your home’s siding.

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Obvious Major Damage

First and foremost, it is often easy to see any major damage that has occurred due to the elements. Siding that has been damaged from a tree branch, hail, excessive snow and ice, is usually easy to identify. Similarly, siding that has warped from exposure to the sun, or is loose or missing from extreme wind should be fairly recognizable. In addition to these more obvious issues, mold and mildew growing on the side of your home could also be cause for alarm, however in some cases it is no concern. If you notice these types of issues on your home, contact a professional to come take a look and fix it as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Warning Signs Inside the Home

If you don’t see any obvious damage to the siding outside the home, but are noticing some strange things inside your home, siding still may be to blame. One common result of damaged or rotten siding within the home is excess moisture. If you are noticing condensation on your windows, peeling paint, or loose wallpaper, your home’s siding may be to blame. An even more concerning sign may be traces of mold within the home, due to excess moisture getting in through cracks in the siding.

Changes in Energy Bills

Finally, changes in energy bills could signal a problem. When the siding on your home isn’t functioning as it should, your heating and cooling can become less efficient. Cold air leaks out during the summer, and hot air escapes during the winter, leaving you uncomfortable and your energy bills rising. These types of changes to your energy bill can slowly creep up over time, so they can be harder to recognize. If you feel your energy bills have been growing, it may be time to have someone take a look at your home’s siding and insulation.

At Platinum Exteriors, our aim is to keep our customers happy and safe within their home. Siding can often be overlooked when purchasing a home and neglected after living in a home for many years. Having a professional take a look at your siding to see if there are any hidden issues is a wise use of your time, and can potentially prevent more costly problems down the road. If you have noticed any of the above signs of damage at your home, give us a call today!