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New Year Roof and Gutter Checklist

Yearly maintenance is crucial in keeping your roofing and gutters in the best shape possible. There’s no better time than the present to begin marking off your new year roof and gutter checklist. Once you get a day of nice weather, print off this checklist and head outside to help welcome your roof and gutter into the new year with this new year roof and gutter checklist.

Clean the Gutter

First, it’s important to maintain a clean and clear gutter year-round. If gutters get clogged and start to back-up then it can cause major damage to your roof down the road. First, if water sits in the gutter and freezes, its puts unnecessary strain on it. Secondly, if water backs up due to clogging, you run the chance of an ice dam forming, which could severely damage your roof.

Clear the Roof

It’s important to keep your roof clear of major debris year-round as this will help to keep it in top working condition. Smaller debris, which may be harder to see, should be cleared off whenever you’re on the roof. It’s not going to cause as much damage as larger pieces of debris, but smaller debris can cause moisture issues and uneven aging.

 The roofline of a shingle roof in Maryland with debris on roof

Check for Necessary Repairs

Look closely for any necessary repairs which need to be done to your roof or gutters. Gutters that are sagging or looking like they may come off should be re-secured or replaced immediately before they cause serious damage. Along the same lines, roofing shingles can be in need of replacement if they start to break or become brittle.

Call in a Professional, or Repair Yourself

If you are in need of gutter or roof repair in Maryland, it’s not something which should wait. A leaky roof will cause more expensive damage than the cost of any roof repair or replacement. If you feel that roof or gutter repairs are beyond the scope of your ability, get in touch with a reliable Maryland roofing company soon.

Maryland metal roofing with snow

For help with spotting roof issues, or repairing your roof or gutter, get in touch with a trusted Maryland roofing contractor today. Platinum Exteriors is a full-service Westminster, MD roofing company with the experience to fix or replace your roof with quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. For a free estimate on our roofing services, fill out the form on our website or give us a call at 443-536-1779 today.