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Recent Storm Damage in Carroll County

The Carroll County, MD area recently experienced some extreme weather which may have damaged local resident’s roofing or siding. If your home was caught in the middle of either of these recent harsh weather events, take some time to inspect your roofing and siding for potential hail or wind damage soon. The damage should be repaired quickly, and your home-owner’s insurance may even pay for it!

Recent Wind and Hail Damage in Carroll County

Aluminum Siding Dents

Aluminum siding can be susceptible to denting if hit by something such as hail. Following the most recent hail storm in Carroll County, MD, we received an influx of calls about the damage from hail on aluminum siding and whether it should be addressed. For siding to work properly, it needs to be flat and without any punctures. It’s entirely possible the hail did enough damage to your aluminum siding that it needs to be repaired or replaced. Give your local Carroll County siding company a call today and have them assess the damage.

Roofing Marks

Hail can also put dents in your roof which we refer to as marks or pits. If you recently experienced a hail storm, with hail the size of a quarter or larger, you probably have roof damage. Have a Carroll County roof repair company come and assess the damage on your roof and give you an estimate on whether or not it should be fixed. Your Maryland roofing contractor should fill you in on a little-known secret: your insurance company may pay for the fix to hail damage on your roof.

Insurance Claims

Home-owner’s insurance is there to help you fix or repair any damage caused to your home. Typically, this is thought of in the case of a fire or a broken plumbing pipe, but did you know that hail damage is also commonly covered in a home-owner’s insurance policy? There are some requirements which must be met before your home-owner’s insurance company will pay out, but why not see if they will pay the cost—you pay for insurance for a reason!

High Wind Damage to Shingles in Carroll County

High Winds Rip Off Shingles

A common issue we see as a Maryland roofing company are shingles which get ripped off by high winds. In addition to the recent hail storm, we’ve also seen some fairly high wind squalls which have the potential to totally rip shingles off of a home-owner’s roof. This is one issue which you can’t wait to fix, especially as we gear up for the rainy season, because an exposed roof can lead to much more serious issues in your home.

Strong Winds Blow Siding Off

A final issue we have seen lately due to weather events is siding that was ripped off by strong winds. A quick and forceful wind gust can easily rip off even the most secure siding or roofing shingles for that matter. If you have noticed your siding has ripped off and is in need of repair or replacement, get in touch with a local siding company in Carroll County right away.

For help with repairing or replacing your roofing or siding which was damaged during the most recent weather events in Carroll County, get in touch with a local Carroll County roofing or siding company. Platinum Exteriors is a local, family-owned Westminster, MD roofing company specializing in the installation and repair of roofing, siding, windows, and doors at an affordable price. For a free estimate, give us a call at 443-536-1779 or fill out the form on our website today!