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Can New Windows Make My Home Warmer In The Winter?

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Windows not only offer a means of air circulation and ventilation, but modern windows also allow you to enjoy better aesthetics around your home. Some contemporary windows like the ones offered by Platinum Exteriors in Maryland add greatly to the beauty of your home.

As fall is here, and has already welcomed the winter season, we now spend most of our time at home tied to that central fireplace just to keep ourselves warm. But what if the place where you take shelter from the cold is not warm enough? Well, then you can simply make the most out of installing modern windows.

Yes! You can use windows to make your home warmer in the winter. Following are a few ways how.

Let the Sunlight In

This is one of the simplest ways to make your home warmer. Having your curtains open during the day allows sunlight to come in. Your home soaks the sunlight coming in and becomes warmer. However, you can only enjoy the best results if you have installed modern windows. Some contemporary windows are larger in size, allowing more sunlight to enter your room, making it warmer much more easily.

Glazing Effect

A great way to use your windows in order to keep your home warm is to fake the heating effect. There is a special film available in the market that you can put over your windows to get a fake double glazing effect. Modern windows offered by Platinum Exteriors tend to contain a glazing skin already. This helps them in keeping your home warmer.

Where do we come in?

Old windows can sometimes have loose fittings, wood damage, cracks, poorly glazed glass, and a lot more. Platinum Exteriors in Maryland are your best bet when it comes to enjoying some of the best window installations you can have at your place. Not only do we offer a contemporary range of windows that you can choose from, but we also offer installation services at an unbeatable price. You can choose between Double or Single Hung windows, Bow and Bay windows, and Picture Windows among several others.

The best part about hiring Platinum Exteriors Inc is that we offer custom window shapes and designs to prevent your home from the cold, harsh winters. If you’re interested, all you have to do is dial (443)-536-1779, and get in touch with us.