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Can Animals Harm Your Roof?

During the cooler months, it is common to find animals looking for protection from the elements, whether it be under a shed or in the garage. But sometimes these animals make themselves at home throughout the year in other areas of your home, such as your roof. Roof damage from animals is much more common than you might expect, but there are some ways to prevent it, as well as fix it once you already have a problem. Let’s look at which animals cause the most problems for homeowners, what kind of damage they do, and how it can be prevented or repaired if the damage is already done.

animals on roof repair


Birds and squirrels are the most common culprits of roof damage as they find places for their nests in the winter and spring. Whether they are using roofing material to build their nest or they are burrowing into the roof itself for protection from the cold, they can do some serious damage. Bats are another, less common, animal that can cause damage to the roof without a homeowner knowing they are even there. Occasionally even raccoons and opossums can cause damage to the roof by trying to enter the home to escape the elements.


Squirrels can do a considerable amount of damage from digging and burrowing in the roof. Squirrels can damage or remove shingles, clog gutters, and damage vents and vent fans. Birds may seem harmless, but once they have made their way into the roof through a vent or hole (perhaps made by another animal) they often damage insulation and electrical wiring.

In cases where animals have created a hole or have damaged roof shingles damage can become more serious when rain or snow fall of the roof, because the wood under the roofing can become water damaged easily.

Prevention and Repair

Preventing animals from getting on your roof is an important part of maintaining your roof, but it’s not always possible to keep all animals out. To prevent larger animals like squirrels, raccoons, and opossums from getting onto the roof, make sure to trim any trees surrounding the house. Branches that lay on the roof make it easy for small animals to find their way onto the roof. For flying animals such as birds and bats, having the roof checked on a regular schedule is a good way to ensure there are no holes they can enter the house from.

If you have found damage on your roof, or suspect some small critters have damaged your roof, contact a Maryland professional roofer to come take a look. A professional can quickly find and repair any damage, as well as recognize any potential weak spots that would be tempting to animals.

If you suspect some furry or feathered friends have made a mess of your roof, repairing your roof quickly is essential. Repairing the roof quickly can prevent additional damage and expense in the long run. For roof repair in MD, call us at Platinum Exteriors today!