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3 Ways Winter Can Harm Your Roof

Wintertime can be a wonderful time. A snowy landscape and holiday activities are enough to make anyone enjoy the winter season. However, while you’re enjoying the winter season, your house is withstanding the harshest of elements. In particular, your roof is withstanding all of the harsh winter conditions. If your roof is weak or damaged, the winter conditions can further harm your roof. Check out these three ways the winter can harm your roof.

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Snow Damage

Snow has the potential to cause major roof damage. If enough snow and ice accumulate on your roof, your entire roof could collapse. This is especially true if your roof is flat or designed in a way that snow cannot easily fall down the side. Snow on your roof may melt quickly thanks to heat emitting from your home, but it’s not a guarantee. If your roof is damaged going into the winter, snow will further damage it. 

Wind Damage 

Strong winds are not uncommon during the winter months. In fact, in Maryland, winds can reach around 8mph. If your roof has old or loose shingles, they can easily be blown off. The strong winds can also rip off or loosen flashing. To ensure that your roof isn’t further damaged by wind storms, make sure that you repair any damages immediately. Doing so will protect you and others around your house. 

Water Damage

It’s not just snow you have to worry about during the winter. You also have to worry about freezing rain. Freezing rain can severely damage your roof. Water has the potential to turn into ice and block your gutter. When your gutters are blocked, it means that they can’t properly do their job. 

Water can also freeze and accumulate under your shingles. When this happens, your shingles can become loose, and water can seep into your home’s interior. A leaking roof will cause additional problems such as:

  • Mold growth
  • Electrical problems 
  • Damage to property inside the home

Have Your Roof Fixed Immediately

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