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Can New Windows Keep My Home Cool in the Summer?

In the midst of some of the hottest Maryland summer months, we find ourselves looking for ways to both keep our homes cooler and to save money and energy. Some people choose to turn their thermostats to a higher temperature strategically during the summer. Some people also use fans within the home to help circulate air more efficiently, or perhaps keep windows open as long as possible.

But did you know that with the proper windows and installation, you can both keep your home cooler, and also save money? It’s true, choosing the appropriate energy efficient windows for your home keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. They also affect ventilation and light let into the house. It’s all about the window construction.

Types of Energy Efficient Windows

There are many options for homeowners when it comes to choosing the right energy efficient windows, take climate and location into consideration as well as aesthetics and how well the styles match your home.

Gas-filled Windows

Some energy efficient windows use gas that is placed between the panes, gases like Argon and Krypton act as a barrier that slows down heat and cold transfer.

Low Emissivity Windows

These windows reflect heat because they have a coating which is applied to the interior panes when the window is made. This coating blocks ultraviolet and infrared light as it passes through the glass and acts as an insulator.

Multiple Pane Windows

Generally speaking, the more panes of glass in a window, the better its overall efficiency. You’ll find that multiple panes are used in conjunction with other energy efficient methods, to maximize the amount of heat and cold transferred through a window.

Other Considerations

In addition to what types of windows you’ll choose, the seals and frames should also be something discussed during the consultation period with your contractor. Incorporating the best seals and frame materials can step up your energy efficiency and keep your home significantly cooler in the summer, meaning you’ll need to run your AC unit less, and start putting your dollars back into your wallet.

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