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Expected Lifespan of a Roof?

Whether you’re buying a new home or you’re planning to stay in your current home, you probably don’t have a good idea of the condition of the roof without the help of a roofing professional. Having a general idea of how long your roof should last is beneficial since it will let you know when you need to replace it. How long a roof should last will vary depending on a multitude of factors, but its material is a significant factor. Take a look at some of the most common roof materials and their expected lifespan. 

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Wood Shakes and Shingles 

Homeowners can expect roofs made out of wooden shakes and shingles to last about 30 years. However, this type of roof only lasts that long with regular maintenance. Wooden shakes and shingles require yearly cleaning and repainting or restaining every five years. An important thing to note is that the type of wood you choose for your roof will determine how long it will last. Cedar is known to last longer than other types of wood since it is rot and insect resistant. 

Concrete Tile

Concrete tile roofs are incredibly durable. It’s fireproof, insect-proof, and weather resistant. In addition to being extremely durable, concrete tiles require fairly low maintenance to keep the roof intact and looking its best. You can expect a concrete tile roof to last over 50 years with fairly minimal maintenance. The best part about this type of roof is that it offers the same benefits as clay tiles but at a significantly lower cost. However, homeowners often complain about issues of moss or mildew growing in the cracks of the concrete tiles, and that can affect the roof’s lifespan. 


Metal roofing is one of the longest-lasting roofing materials on the market. Expected to last upwards of 70 years, metal roofs have become a popular choice for homeowners. Metal roofs can range in price, with the cheapest metal material averaging about $100 per square foot and the most expensive metal material upwards of $900 per square foot. Not only do metal roofs look great, but they’re also incredibly low maintenance, making them the ideal roofing material for homeowners who want their roof to last for decades without having to do much to it. 


Slate roofs are also commonly referred to as the “forever roof” since they seem to last forever. Slate roofs can last anywhere from 75 to hundreds of years. That’s because slate is a natural metamorphic rock that can withstand just about anything mother nature throws at it. It’s the most expensive roofing material, but it’s expected to last hundreds of years and provides a great return on investment. 

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