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5 Common Reasons Siding Gets Damaged

The siding on your home isn’t just there to make the exterior look nice – it helps protect the house’s structure and interior from the elements.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common ways your siding can be damaged, and how to avoid them.

5 Common Reasons Siding Gets Damaged


Some siding isn’t completely sealed and therefore cannot fully keep out water. Waterproof barriers can be installed underneath your siding to prevent excessive moisture, which is a big contributor to the formation of rot, mold, and mildew.


Bad storms can bring elements like hail and ice that can scratch and dent your siding. Although this doesn’t pose much of a threat to the home’s structure, it makes your home look old and unsightly, and may leave you with no other choice than to replace the siding.


These are likely one of the worst pests when it comes to siding and the structure of your home. Termites live underground and feed on wood that is buried below the surface. Once underground food sources have run out, they create feeder tubes, or channels in your home’s siding that destroy the structure of the wood. They’re difficult to spot because they are below the surface, so prevention is key. Have an exterminator inspect your home every few years to check for signs of termite presence.


Carpenter bees are a small nuisance that come back to your home year after year once their nest is built. They create holes in your siding and build nests between your house’s interior structure and siding, which can make them tough to get to and remove. Filling the holes with insecticide is an effective first step. Once the bees are gone, plug the holes with the proper exterior caulking.


Bees aren’t the only pests that can poke holes in your siding. Birds usually attempt to peck into the corners of your siding where pieces join together. Some will even create nests behind your siding, just as bees do. Setting up birdhouses and bird feeders can attract birds to other parts of your home where they are much less likely to do any real damage.

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