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Will Insurance Pay for a New Roof?

Is your roof severely damaged and needs to be replaced? Let’s face it, roof replacement in MD is not cheap, so you want to know if your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost to replace your roof. The answer is “it depends”. Keep reading to learn more about homeowner’s insurance and roof replacement.

roof repair and replace

Types of Coverages

Most homeowners insurance policies offer two types of home roofing coverage: repair coverage and replacement coverage. These types of policies will reimburse you for a percentage of the roof repair cost or pay for the cost to replace the roof if it is irreparable. However, not all roof damage will be covered by your insurance.

What Types of Damage Does Insurance Cover?

Most homeowner’s policies cover losses that are sudden and accidental and caused by sudden perils such as fire, wind, hail, and the weight of snow or ice. If your roof becomes damaged due to other factors, your insurance provider may not cover the cost to replace your roof. For example, if your roof starts to leak, your insurance provider may claim that the water damage occurred as a result of poor maintenance and won’t cover the cost to replace your roof.  

What are Perils?

Your homeowner’s insurance policy likely contains “perils”, or causes of damage. You may have a “named peril” policy that covers your home against only the perils listed in the policy. However, you may have an “open peril” policy that is more comprehensive and covers all damage, with some exceptions. 

How to Get Reimbursed for a New Roof

The first step to getting reimbursed for your roof replacement is filing a claim. Your insurance provider will send over an adjuster to inspect your roof and make an assessment of the claim. But, before they come, be sure to have all the documents you will need, including a copy of your homeowner’s insurance and pictures of the damage. 

During this process, you’ll want to have a trusted roofing company in MD perform a thorough inspection. They will take pictures and generate a report for your insurance company. Even if your insurance provider sends out their inspector, it’s important to have an outside roofing contractor inspect your roof as well to improve your chances of getting your claim approved.

Need a New Roof?

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