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When to Have your Door Replaced

If you’ve never given your front door a good, hard look, you might not know what to signs to look for when determining whether or not it’s in need of replacement. The next time you leave your house, pay attention to the functionality of your front door when you open and close it, and take a few moments to look over the condition it is in.

When to Have your Door Replaced

If you find any of the following issues, it’s likely in need of replacement:

Drafty Door

Before you open your door to go outside, stand or hold your hand in front of the top, bottom, and sides of the door. Can you feel any air coming in? Drafty doors can raise or lower the temperature inside your home by letting outside air in, and can cause your energy bills to be much higher than they should be.

Unattractive Door

You want your front door to fit with the style of the rest of your home’s exterior. If it’s painted a contrasting color or is styled in a way that makes it look awkward and out of place on your house, consider replacing your door with one that better matches your exterior.

Faulty Door

If you have to push the door with extra force or wiggle the handle a certain way in order to get it to close, it’s obvious that the door is faulty and in need of replacement. A properly installed door and will open, close, and lock with gentle ease.

Different Types of Doors

Your front door is one of the main focal points of your home’s exterior. Matching your door style to the character of your home is essential when it comes time to replace it. Depending on the style and needs of your home, any of these types of doors could be a great replacement:

  • Exterior entry doors
  • Storm doors
  • Screened doors
  • Patio doors
  • Heavy-duty security doors

Home projects like door replacements are best completed with the help of a professional door replacement contractor in Maryland. This ensures that the job is done efficiently, at a reasonable cost, and in an appropriate amount of time.

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