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3 Tips for Insulating Your Home

A well insulated home can reduce your energy costs throughout the year by limiting the amount of heat loss in the winter months, and the amount of cooling loss in the summer months. By having your home well insulated your heating and cooling units can run less time and run more efficiently. But how can you tell if your home is well insulated? And if it’s not, what can you do to fix that? Let’s look at some ways to check your home’s insulation as well as some ways to improve efficiency in your home.

A white room that is nice and cool


Windows can be a major source of lost air in a home. Older windows can make a home very inefficient, and in homes with a lot of windows this can become a major problem. If you feel a draft coming from your windows it may be time to consider replacing them. If replacing your windows isn’t an option financially you could consider adding storm windows to help reduce the leakage. While replacing windows can be costly, it will save you in the long run in heating and cooling bills that will continue to go up as your windows continue to age.


Another area where major air leakage can occur is around exterior doors. The doors in and out of your home can become less efficient over time, but fortunately the weather stripping around the door can be replaced. This weather stripping can greatly reduce the amount of air escaping or entering your home.


Another place you could have issues with air leaks is the attic of your home. Leaks in the attic ceiling could lead to heat loss and higher energy bills. If you suspect leaks in your attic you can check for leaks yourself or have a professional come find and fix them for you. Once leaks have been fixed you can add additional insulation to your attic to prevent additional heat loss.

Insulation issues in a home can have a major impact on your monthly budget because your energy costs will continue to rise. If you suspect windows are to blame Platinum Exteriors can help! We offer window replacement in Maryland and would love to help you get your house in great shape for the upcoming summer. Give us a call today!